My journey to Composr CMS

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I decided to write and share my experience on how I found Composr CMS and started liking it.

My desire to have a blog site grew when I started reading blogs of my interest. I am not a trained professional developer on web development. However, I learned basic HTML and CSS with the fact that it is enough skill to create a simple HTML page to show static information. I liked the comments and archive feature in the blogs and I realised in order to have these features in my static page would require higher web programming skills. I attempted to know how this can be done in a static HTML. I checked with my friend, who is a web designer. He said that for blogging feature create your site using WordPress.
I googled to learn more about WordPress. I found WordPress extremely popular among blogging community. Through further online reference, I learned how to install XAMPP environment and how to install WordPress in a local machine. I was successful with my first installation attempt, it was smooth. I applied basic colour theme and I satisfied with the admin interface and configuration. But, after spending few hours with WordPress blog, I found the comment, rating and view count etc. are not shown. Later I realised that such features and many more can be integrated to WordPress as plugins. No wonder that plenty of plugins across different categories are available.

I tried with few plugins that are available for free. My poor programming skill on PHP, made it time consuming process to install successfully and test only a handful of plugins. I found the free plugins unimpressive and any plugins I liked are available for fee. In search of a plugin that meet my expectation, I tried to try another Content Management System.

I downloaded and installed Joomla! in my local machine. Joomla is equally impressive like WordPress. The installation was quick and the admin interface was user friendly. I found Joomla! is good for content to post as articles and it has built in view and rating feature, this was missing in WordPress. But again the comments can be added only with the help of a plugin. I tried and was partial successful.

After trying two Content Management System products, my search strings in Google gave me sites that does CMS review and that how I ended in visiting, CMSMatrix. I am astonished to find that the site has a huge list of CMS products. I randomly tried comparison matrix with other CMSs against WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal (though I didn’t test Drupal). One such random pick was Composr CMS against the other three. I was surprised to see the result in the table where an unknown Composr CMS is scoring better than the popular CMS products. I visited the description page for Composr CMS in CMS Matrix. I read commenting and rating are available as built in. After reading the description, I googled to find Composr page.

The installation was simple and easy like the other two CMSs I installed. The installation guide messages shown in the wizard was different from what I used to read in other products. The messages shown gave a feeling as if the wizard is talking to me.

After installation, I saw there are plenty of things I installed other than blog, comment and rating features. That is when I realised Composr is huge and versatile. Interestingly there are less plugins available and it didn’t bother me much since many core features including what I am looking for are available in built. I picked Composr and decided to proceed with my site plan. More important advantage with Composr is that you don’t need to be technical person to experience the full features whereas such features can be added to your CMS through plugins either by paying or depending a developer to have popular features.

There are few things I dislike in Composr, the layout seems quite dated, font collection could be more and trendy theme collections are missing. But they are cosmetic features so I didn’t mind much.

After visiting Composr website, I learned that Composr has strengthen its security features in CMS safe guarding the website and user privacy. It’s good to know an open source product addressing security, one more reason to like Composr.