How to install Composr CMS in a local machine

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It is true that a person with no programming knowledge can setup a content management enabled dynamic website using Composr CMS.

I hope this article will help beginners to install and explore Composr CMS.

In order to experience a CMS based website locally, you would require to setup and run a server environment in your local PC or laptop. I use XAMPP. You can download XAMPP setup file here.


During early days, setting up a web server requires technical skill. Thanks to Apache Friends group in the open source community. Their product has made the task simple and easier for beginners to setup the web server. Apache Friend’s XAMPP is a bundled installation distribution. XAMPP setup installs Apache server, MariaDB/MySQL, PHP and Perl. Once the installation is complete users can start or stop the server using XAMPP Control Panel.

All the modules will be highlighted in green while running successfully (see image below).

XAMPP control panel.png

After starting all modules, type http://localhost in your browser, it should display a page like this:


To view your site files locally through a browser, you should first place the files inside htdocs folder. Generally, the folder path will be C:/xampp/htdocs, this may differ if you have set your own path during XAMPP installation. Apache server looks in htdocs folder to serve the site locally.


Download the latest manual extractor ZIP file from, and extract the files to htdocs location or you can create a new folder inside htdocs and extract the files there. In my case I will extract all the files to c:/xampp/htdocs/composr.


After successful extraction, open the browser and type, http://localhost/composr/install.php

The browser should display Step 1 screen of the installation wizard show below:

Step 2 screen will display terms and condition, you can also opt to share your email address for updates.

Step 2.png

Step 3 screen will list forum software choice. It is best to keep the default option, Composr’s own forum known as Conversr.


Step 4 involves user input. Keep the Domain, Base URL and other values shown in the fields as it is. But you must give your input for Master password and Admin password. If haven’t created any database for Composr using MySQL or MariaDB then leave the Database password empty for localhost installation.


Steps 5 to 10 are automatic, you can view the log in the screen as the step progress. Once the wizard reaches Step 10, you will be listed with two options, Configure my Composr first and Go to my new website now. It is recommended to delete the install.php from its location before proceeding with either one option shown in step 10.  Configure my Composr first will take you to another wizard for Composr CMS setup. I will cover the setup details in another article.


If you haven’t deleted the install.php after successful installation, you will be shown with following error:


The installation steps for Composr CMS is almost similar to the steps mentioned here. Instead of extraction of file to htdocs directory, you need to upload the files to web hosting server using FTP. The other difference is you need to create database, database user and user privileges before running the Composr CMS installation wizard.
You would require to use these database details as input while filling details in Step 4.

If you want a detailed installation tutorial, then visit: