Composr version history

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Composr' version history...
v1 March 2004 A Forum-Friendly CMS trailblazer
v2 August 2004 The whole new CMS framework, and MVC
v2.5 October 2005 Standalone social networking system
v3 July 2006 AJAX arrived, major system overhaul
v4 August 2008 Continued improvements in our UI/UX
v5 July 2010 Continued improvements in our UI/UX
v6 March 2011 Big performance improvements
v6.1 April 2011 Interactive CSS editing, themeing UX
v7 May 2011 Interactive CSS editing, theme UX
v8 March 2012 Many major features upgraded
v9 August 2012 Big theme design improvements
v10 January 2016 Platform overhaul, ocPortal now Composr