Composr has released an ebook

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Composr team has recently published an ebook for beginners. The title of the ebook is “Composr CMS: Introduction and Installation Guide”

I downloaded the EPUB version which is free. The Kindle version will cost $0.99.  The content begins with a brief introduction about Composr. Interestingly, the about section has the screenshot of direct comparison with Drupal, Joomla! and WordPress; the same information that created curiosity in Composr (Read My Journey to Composr CMS).  

In the introduction section, the Composr CMS features are listed and in the next section web hosting for Composr CMS is explained. Followed by step by step Composr installation instruction.

The book also has an interesting and useful FAQ section.

A decent book for PHP and CMS enthusiast.

You can download the EPUB format from Kobo and Kindle version is available for download from Amazon.

The ebook download links are mentioned here: